Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wyoming Welcome Center on Highway 25: The Greeting and the Gift

Road down to the Wyoming Visitor Center. First line must be an old, "vintage" sign

And just in case you're not sure, a new sign

Wyoming Wildlife

The Visitor Center - will get a better photo on Monday.

If you drive North/South on Highway 25, it runs quite close to Cheyenne, as most highways do, of course. If you take Exit 269A, only a couple of miles from the Lincolnway Exit which gets you into downtown Cheyenne, there is a Wyoming Welcome Center there.

Now...I'm publishing this post on a Saturday, and the information I have to impart is not complete. I went there today, Saturday, and the place was closed. The sign on the door said only, Closed. So I don't know if its just closed for the weekend, or closed for the Winter season. (The door had no Open and Closing hours sign, which you thought would have been a good thing to have.)

So today, I'll just post a few photos, and Monday, I'll let you know just what its opening hours are.

Various attempts to take artistic compositions of The Greeting and the Gift sculpture. Even though the day was overcast, the camera didn't seem to take very good pictures, as if they were sunstruck.

The Greeting and the Gift Sculpture
A mountain man gives greeting - holding his hand over the top of his musket to signify it's harmless. The Native American offers a peace pipe.

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